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High quality shirts with a high impact mission!

  • Multi-Color Jobs
  • High Quality Shirts and Inks
  • Custom Design Work Available
  • Hats, Handbags, Backpacks and More
  • Creates Career Paths for People In Recovery
  • Satisfaction Guarenteed

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Here's what our customers are saying!

“We just want to say, after working with the amazing Phoenix Dream Center, we will NEVER go back to our commercial T-shirt printer. Where else can you go for TOP QUALITY, customer service, NO MINIMUM orders (huge for a small co) and get exactly what you want in a fast turnaround? AND contribute to a worthy cause! It’s a no-brainer. Here is a photo of one of the shirts our sister company had done with the Phoenix Dream Center. We are so happy with the results!”
Desert Drug Dog

“We love the shirts, very high quality and the help they gave us with the design was amazing. We were looking for a better deal on our church bible camp shirts, but also wanted our money to go toward a great cause. The Dream Center’s print shop was outstanding to work with. And for our pastor to know that the money for the shirts was helping to give job training to people who were in recovery was an added blessing.”  
Dream City Church

“It was more than we could have hoped for when our company started to order shirts from the print shop at the Dream Center. We’ve always felt a sense of corporate responsibility to give back and to be able to get high quality shirts while also helping people learn a job skill was exactly what we wanted and what we got with the Dream Center.”
 Leesa Matresses

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