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Volunteer Spotlight – July 2020

Meet Ren.

Ren is an art teacher for 9 months out the year.

 “I like teaching art.  It gives me a chance to build relationships and help my students make beautiful things.  Art a tangible skill, versus math which is so abstract.  Sometimes, because it’s more tangible, art is more gratifying for my students.”

The other 3 months, Ren is Volunteer Extraordinaire at the Phoenix Dream Center.

When asked how she found the Phoenix Dream Center, she said, “The internet.  I was searching for local ways to give back.  I came on a tour and it seemed like a really amazing organization.  I met people who told me about their journey and how the Phoenix Dream Center changed their lives. It made me want to be a part of what they do.”

Currently, Ren has been volunteering at our partner thrift store, Mama Jolie’s Treasures.

“I like volunteering here.  It’s great to be able to be around people again!  But it’s also been so cool to be in an environment with people who pray – they really love Jesus here.”

When asked if she had any final thoughts, she thought for a moment and replied, “Great work is being done here.  The people involved care about each other and doing the work of the Kingdom.  I would recommend getting plugged in – it’s worth it!”

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