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A Christmas Miracle

2020 has been hard on so many, so this year giving Christmas gifts to everyone we reach looked like a real stretch.

But at the last minute, countless gifts poured in!

We had more than enough gifts for all the girls and boys in our human trafficking recovery program as well as enough gifts for their babies!

We also had more than enough for the impoverished inner-city kids in Phoenix we serve. Not only that, but we were able to give gifts to our partner foster care agency!

We had so many organizations and individuals donating or creating donation drives that every day in the last two weeks before Christmas there was a delivery.

Individuals through our virtual volunteer program even set up donation drives as their own birthday presents.

For at-risk youth and young adults who’ve been trafficked, the holidays are not always the easiest time of year.

But because of supporters like you not only were we able to give them the experience they deserve, but also the love and care they need to heal.

Whether you share our posts on social media, volunteer, or invest financially, it’s because of you that trafficking survivors get to heal, children don’t go hungry, and at-risk young adults get their lives back together!

To volunteer or get involved visit www.phoenixdreamcenter.org to get connected. Also, make sure to follow us on social media today!

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