California Flood Relief

The floods have happened, lets make sure poor families and at risk youth are safe...

No child should worry about where their next meal is coming from.

Today, as the devastating implications of the California floods continue to unfold, our hearts are with every individual, family, and community grappling with the immense challenges these natural disasters have wrought. The impact goes far beyond the physical damage; it extends deeply into the fabric of our society, shattering lives, homes, and futures.

But within every crisis resides an opportunity for resilience and community. As we witness the unfathomable scale of these floods, it’s the most vulnerable among us who endure the hardest blows: the homeless, the low-income individuals, and the at-risk youth, who, during disasters, face challenges in accessing basic necessities, shelter, and safety services, their struggles intensified by the blanket of hardship cast by these unforgiving waters.

In partnership with local authorities, relief organizations, and your invaluable support, Dream Goods Community Outreach is not just witnessing this crisis; we are here to be part of the solution, ready to deploy aid that can make a direct, meaningful impact. We’re loading our fleet and trucks with essentials: meals to nourish the body, blankets to warm the soul, shovels to clear the path, water to quench the thirst, and hope to revive the spirit.

Your donation is more than money; it’s an extension of your heart, a beacon of hope, and a tangible display of solidarity. Together, we can rewrite the narratives of suffering and loss, replacing them with stories of resilience, recovery, and community.

Please, take this opportunity to be the answer many are praying for. Let’s Forge Together for a Brighter Future.

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100% of your donation goes directly to support the community outreach program. Our administrative overhead costs are all covered by business revenue and a private grant.

And, here’s some more good news – your donation is eligible for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit and you can get $841 in state tax credits for couples filing jointly and singles can get up to $421 in AZ Charitable Tax Credits.