The Phoenix Dream Center prides itself on empowering survivors of human trafficking to have access to a platform to share their voices and to be heard.

Survivors have exclusive authority to speak on certain aspects of human trafficking, and we support their right to self-determination and to be advocates of change in this world.

We are also committed to trauma-informed marketing as a way of communicating the stories of survivors as well as our mission. In this, we are committed to the ethical sourcing of stories and testimonies which includes giving competitive rate compensation to survivors as subject matter experts, only using content with informed-use consent, and by giving survivors the irrefutable “right to be forgotten” by removing any story at any time at the request of any survivor.

All stories and testimonies used by the Phoenix Dream Center are true-to-life works of creative nonfiction. As such, all stories are either based on or inspired by true stories or true events. The events in the stories and testimonies are told by survivors of human trafficking and are recalled to the best of their memory, and in a way that they believe portrays them in a positive light. 

However, story details that may jeopardize the prosecution of any traffickers or that may threaten the safety of victims or survivors may be concealed, omitted, or otherwise altered in order to ensure the absolute privacy and safety of the victims and survivors we are committed to serving.

We strive to give both a platform and a voice to survivors while also giving them the privacy they request. In this pursuit, some details may be concealed, omitted, or otherwise altered with the permission of the survivors and with only the best intentions of protecting survivors.