Dream Skate Team

The Phoenix Dream Center's Dream Skate Team provides mentorship opportunities and hot meals for at-risk children and youth in the inner-city.

Our heart is to make sure children in our community don't go to bed hungry, and have the mentors they need to DREAM BIG and REACH HIGHER! Whether it's volunteering or sponsoring a child's spot on our skate team, these children need your support!

Sponsor an at-risk child's spot on our skate team.

$100 covers the full cost for a child to get a new skateboard and helmet along with a hot meal every week during their season. Not only that, but you’re giving each child the opportunity to join our team with mentors who will push them to DREAM bigger than what’s around them!

All donations are tax-deductible and eligible for AZ State Tax Credit.

Not 80%, not 90%, not 95%…but 100% of your donation goes directly to the Christian Missionary Support Page and will help Michael in his mission to serve inner-city youth. 

This includes all donations made through the website, PayPal, and donations sent in through the mail. That’s our 100% Pledge to you. 

Our administrative overheads costs are covered by business revenue and a private grant.