Steering and Advisory Leadership

The Steering and Advisory Leadership Team provides professional guidance to the organization in all areas related to physical health, behavioral health, and educational well-being. 

Dr. Pamela H. Williams, MD


Dr. Beverly J. Thomas-Carter, DNP

Integrated Health

Dr. Carla Grace, PhD

Behavioral Health

Dr. Sherry Jones, EdD

Education Advancement

Dr. Minseok Kang, DMD

Oral Health

Dr. Sarah Beaumont, MD

Medical Health

Human Trafficking Program Leadership

The Survivor-Led Human Trafficking Life Recovery Team provides high-quality, trauma informed human trafficking healing services to over 150 survivors of human trafficking each year.

Shauna Sexton

Human Trafficking Programs Director

Irene Orr

Human Trafficking Outreach Director

Jessica Granick

Behavioral Health Program Manager

Elaine Medeiros

Clinical Services Director

Kaitlyn Pressley

Human Trafficking Program Manager

DoJay Craab

Human Trafficking Case Management

Dominic Ruscitti

Boys Program Caregiver

Caitlin Vick

Training & Pastoral Care Manager

Danielle Hernandez

30-Day Program Manager

Life Recovery School Leadership

The Life Recovery School Leadership team provides cutting-edge life recovery services to over 500 individuals each year who are recovering from homelessness and addiction. 

Michael Carroll

Life Recovery School Director

Chloe Carroll

Life Recovery School Manager

Nathan Morrow

Life Recovery School Manager

Samantha Trotter

Life Recovery School Supervisor

Donor Development Leadership

The Donor Development Leadership Team manages the in-kind donations, fundraising, and volunteer efforts that fund the operations of the Phoenix Dream Center.

Carlos Daniel

Chief Development Officer

JoAnna Shipe

Corporate Intiatives Director

Laurie Edem

In-Kind Donation Manager

Kona Dickinson

Communications Specialist

Stephanie Lang

Development Manager

Business Development Leadership

The Business Development Leadership Team manages the revenue-generating business opportunities that cover the overhead expenses of the Phoenix Dream Center. 

Peter Leonardi

Chief Business Development Officer

Leanne Leonardi

Systems Manager

Shawn Dickinson

Warehouse Manager

Victor Baca

Career Development Manager

Executive Leadership

The Executive Leadership Team manages all of the functions of the Phoenix Dream Center,  including its operations, finances, business development, donor development, life recovery programs, and outreach programs.  .  

Brian D. Steele

Chief Executive Officer

Skye Steele

Co-Founder Human Trafficking Programs

Kim Smith

Chief Finance Officer

Shauna Sexton

Human Trafficking Programs Director

Carlos Daniel

Chief Development Officer

Michael Carroll

Life Recovery School Director

Pete Leonardi

Business Development Director

Michael Loper

Contracts Administrator

Operations Leadership

The Operations Leadership Team manages all of the facility, security, and expansion-related efforts of the Phoenix Dream Center.

Dwayne Moss

Director of Campus Operations

John Morrissey

Security Director

Pat Mara

Reception Manager

Thomas Priest

Fleet Manager

Erik Duncan

I.T. Manager

Kieran Younger

Special Projects Administrator 

Foundation and Ministry Board Members

The Foundation and Ministry Board Teams provide guidance and support to the Executive Team in order to help the Phoenix Dream Center achieve its mission to serve people.

Dr. Tommy Barnett, ThD

Foundation Board President

Doug Preudhomme

Ministry Board President

Luke and Angel Barnett

Foundation Board Members

Craig Smith

Foundation Board Member

Jerry and Melissa Salandro

Foundation Board Member

Mark and Lisa Reed

Foundation Board Members

Jerry Colangelo​

Foundation Board Member

Brendon and Sarah Zastrow

Foundation Board Member

Jason Penrose

Ministry Board Member

Mark Preudhomme

Ministry Board Member

John Parnell

Ministry Board Member

Dr. Walt Rattray, ThD

Ministry Board Member

Warren and Kathleen Panico

Foundation Board Member

Kent and Kristie Sexton

Foundation Board Members


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