Kelle Retells Her Journey Surviving Child Human Trafficking At The Hands Of Her Mother

Kelle’s life started out as one that people would not envy. 

As she says, “I remember I am standing on the street corner with my Mom.  She was a prostitute.  I remember this guy raping and fondling me and watching her watch the whole thing.”

Kelle was abused as a child, both sexually and physically.

After her Mom died, the state put her and her siblings in foster care because they found out what was going on with them and their Dad. 

Having been in several foster homes, she ended up in Arizona. 

Kelle felt guilty because she couldn’t keep her siblings together as she felt she was the one who was to keep the family together and keep them safe.  She didn’t understand that it wasn’t her responsibility. 

Around the time she was 8 or 9 she had a foster Mom who sincerely loved her and showed her what a family was.  This Mom took her in when she had nowhere to go – not just once but twice.

When she went out on her own, she tried to have a baby with her boyfriend but the doctor told her it would be 99.9% impossible.  

She and her boyfriend figured their life would be stable by the time they might have a baby, but it didn’t work that way as she got pregnant two weeks later. 

Her boyfriend ended up in jail, and she didn’t want to continue life living in a car or in a shelter. 

She wanted something more stable.  She had been praying continuously about where she could go and God opened the door for her to come to the Phoenix Dream Center.   

She says it was definitely God’s work, as the day she called they happened to have a spot available and they would save it for her.

Her baby is now five weeks old.  He was born at 35 weeks and stopped breathing twice. 

She wouldn’t be where she is or have been so motivated had it not been for him. 

She wants to have children that are not on the street.  She wants to do everything possible to have the world handed to him.

He is a good baby and is her entire world.  She would do anything for him including being a better Mom.  She is excited to get back on her feet. 

As she talks about her baby, her smile radiates across her face and her love for her precious bundle of joy is infectious. 

It is evident that she is now in a place where she and her baby can grow together. 

God has placed His hand on her and her baby’s life.