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The Power of Perseverance

Tiffany’s Story

When I was four years old, I remember my mom and my dad were very heavy and addicted to meth. My mom kind of lost her mind in the midst of all of that and when I was six years old, my brother and I were exposed to human trafficking in exchange for drugs and our place to live.


I remember that guys would tell us, We have coloring books and crayons and ice cream and stuff like that and it would always get us to the back room.  I mean we were young, you know, we were gullible.  That and when I was ten years old, I got raped inside of a bathtub while I was taking a bath with my brother.

So when I went to school the next day I couldn’t really sit down… it hurt, and the teachers asked me to go into the office and I had to talk to the social workers and I ended up saying what happened. So later that night the cops came with CPS and basically gave my mom two options: 1: she could hand my brother and I over or 2: to let them go inside and search the home. So my mom went inside and she came back out with me and all my brother’s stuff.


So we were in and out of foster care system and in all four foster homes I got raped and as a result, ended up pregnant. 

A girl who actually graduated from the Life Recovery program spoke to me and she saved my life and my daughter was born healthy. This was when I was 16

So then after I had her I didn’t really want the mom life – I wasn’t really ready so I started shooting heroin and going out and partying like every day. I was exploited by a human trafficker to pay for my  drug addiction. I kind of got associated with the wrong people then when I found out that it wasn’t me that they wanted, it was my daughter I started freaking out. And that’s when I kind of like ran away from my problems.

I started dating this 49-year-old guy; he was a dealer. I thought that he loved me – you know, everybody looking for love and he actually started shooting me up like every day. I overdosed and I woke up in a hospital and the only people who were there for me was my mom and my daughter.  My mom took me home in her car and she asked me, Where do you want to go? I said I want to go home.

I was just really, really badly addicted to drugs.  I was addicted to money, I was addicted to the lifestyle of Human Trafficking, I was addicted to that life. 

By telling my testimony, I know it’s going to help out so many people and that’s what I want to do. I want to help you guys out and let you guys know that no matter what, you guys are worth so much more and you guys are going to be so much better.

Everyone out there is going to be something. They’re capable of being someone and you know what you want to do with your life and you know who you want to be and you can do it. 

You can make a contribution and help women like me out of these terrible situations today. Thank you, God Bless You!

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