Current Volunteer Opportunities

100% of our employees started as a volunteer with the Phoenix Dream Center, including me!

Brian D. Steele Executive Director

Thank you for your interest in volunteering and becoming a part of the Dream Team!

We have some new and exciting opportunities to volunteer on campus, as well as virtually, to support the young women and men in our human trafficking recovery program, our outreaches for at-risk children and youth, and leadership school to help educate tomorrows leaders.

We’re looking for some amazing, kind and available volunteers to fill quite a bit of varying opportunities.

If you’re interested, sign up below to get connected and learn more about opportunities where you can utilize your time and talent to make a difference! 

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Executive & Admin. Team

  • Scheduling Assistant
  • Acquisitions Coordinator
  • Research/Development Intern
  • Donation Coordinator

Operation Teams

  • Landscaping Adoption Teams
  • Fleet Adoption Teams
  • General Maintenance Teams
  • Small-Group Ministry

Campus Services

  • Driver for Appointments
  • Eye Clinic Scheduler
  • Kitchen Services – Adopt A Meal
  • Mentor Team Groups for Survivors