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100% of our team started as a volunteer with the Phoenix Dream Center, including me!

Brian D. Steele Executive Director

How Volunteer Orientation works...


Sign up for Volunteer Orientation below and complete the 3-Part online training series.


Attend an in-person orientation event at the Phoenix Dream Center to get connected with a leader in your area.


Start volunteering in an area you love and make a HUGE difference in the world around you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteers usually complete the online training series in about a week. But you can complete these training sessions at your own pace.

The Volunteer Orientation involves a 3-Part online training series and an in-person orientation event. The online training involves filling out an assessment form, watching training videos, taking quizzes and reading material.  

After completing the training series you will receive a private invitation to a Volunteer Orientation Event at the Phoenix Dream Center. At that event you will get connected to a leader in the area you are passionate about. 

Yes. Everyone who wants to volunteer in-person needs to complete the required online training as well as fill out the required forms at the Orientation event. 

But don’t worry, it’s lots of fun and will give you tons of great information that will help you be successful as a volunteer. 

If you’d rather not do the training and the orientation, maybe take  look at Virtual Volunteering. It’s super impactful and a ton of fun.

Click HERE to become a Virtual Volunteer.  

The weight lifting contest and the algebra tests get a little tricky. (kidding)

But in all seriousness, we want volunteers to be well equipped with all of the information they need to be a successful and fulfilled volunteer. 

With that, there are some materials that we will be training you on that we will also quiz you on afterwards. Don’t worry, its not algebra but it is important. 

You’ll do fine, and we’ll be right there with you through the training. 

We offer Virtual Volunteer Opportunities that are AMAZING and highly encouraged for anyone with medical concerns related to community spread of COVID-19. 

Click HERE to become a Virtual Volunteer. 

Our in-person volunteer opportunities are limited and take into consideration all county health-related requirements including social distancing, masks, and personal sanitation. 

(see COVID-19 statement below)

In response to a large number of shelters and safe house programs that have stopped taking in victims of human trafficking due to COVID-19, the Phoenix Dream Center has decided to safely continue to serve trafficked individuals, without discrimination to their current health condition, so long as our advising medical professionals deem it is safe for our campus to provide those services.

For example, we believe that a young girl who is trapped in the violent, life threatening abuse of human trafficking who happens to have COVID-19 still deserves to be recovered and helped – and we are going to help her. We will provide her with safe housing including isolated services so that any illness she has does not affect other girls who are also healing. The medical professionals we work with at the Phoenix Dream Center have outlined a plan for us to be able to safely serve individuals with COVID-19 and we have decided to follow that plan.

Click HERE to read the full COVID-19 statement.

The single greatest need we see at this time is the need to be able to recover more human trafficking survivors. In order to do this, we need to open more beds. 

You can be a part of helping even more girls get recovered out of human trafficking.

Make a donation of any amount to a project happening now that will expand more beds for girls. 

Click HERE to make a donation to help girls get out of human trafficking.

We need volunteers, supporters, advocates and organizers of all types! We offer a free personality match quiz that will help match you to one of these areas. 

Click HERE to take that volunteer personality quiz.

Click HERE to make a donation to help with the increase in victims due to COVID-19.

Thank you for wanting to make a donation! There are several ways to donate.

Click HERE to make a secure donation online.

You can also mail in your donation to:

Phoenix Dream Center
P.O. Box 55226
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Thank you for wanting to make a donation! We gladly accept new and gently used items at our campus anytime. The address is 3210 NW Grand Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85017.

You can also sign up for donation alerts and we’ll send an alert whenever we have an emergency need for diapers, formula or other sensitive items. 

Click HERE to sign up for donation alerts or to contact our donation management department.

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