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When The Hotline Rings

Every day our trafficking hotline will ring.
Sometimes the call is from a police officer or one of our other partners in law enforcement.
Sometimes it’s a parent…those are always very emotional calls to take.
But usually it’s a girl on the other end of the line calling for help. A girl trapped in human trafficking.
We can always hear it in their voice. They are scared. Actually, they’re terrified. Desperate for a way out.
The fear and anxiety they are going through is unimaginable.
It’s a big step for them to call. It’s also a RARE step. The Global Report of Trafficking of Persons said that less than 1% of victims are recovered.
So, when our trafficking hotline rings…we take the calls very seriously!
When the phone rang recently, it was another young girl who needed our help and it’s more than likely she had nowhere else to turn.
She was at a bus stop in downtown Phoenix. She said she was “on the run” from her trafficker. He’d been forcing her to do horrible things for the past year.
Normally… in situations like this, our security staff would spring into action. They would fire up a van and race off to pick her up.
Normally… she would be brought to the Dream Center where a room would be waiting for her.
But this situation WASN’T normal. We weren’t about to do ANY of that for this young girl in need.
You see, we are facing a harsh reality:
The human trafficking program at the Phoenix Dream Center is FULL.
It’s great that we are currently helping so many young girls receive the healing and restoration they need as they recover from the scars of trafficking.
But for those girls still out there…it’s heartbreaking.
Right now, we are unable to do anything for the girls on the other end of our hotline looking for help.
We have a few rooms that have been down because they are under construction. Honestly, it’s taking a toll on our funding to be able to take in more girls than what we have room for.
That’s why I’m writing you today.
Can you please help us with this?
We’re asking you to give your best gift ever today to make room for THE NEXT FOUR GIRLS who pick up the phone and dial that hotline.
When we answer their call, we want to be able to tell them “YES! WE CAN HELP!”
It’s going to take a lot of money to make that possible, but please, just give what you can. Remember, 100% of it will go to bringing in THE NEXT FOUR GIRLS who come into our program.
Please donate today to help THE NEXT FOUR GIRLS who need to be rescued and restored from the horrors of human trafficking.
It’s why the Phoenix Dream Center exists, but we can’t do it without your help.
Thank you for taking the time to read (and maybe share) this with your friends. I can’t tell you how encouraged our whole team is to know that people like you are reading this and care!

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