What if you could do something right now that would have an immediate impact on the life of a girl recovered from human trafficking?

It seems these days we’re seeing more and more news stories about girls (and sometimes boys) who are being rescued out of terrible human trafficking situations. Honestly, it’s extremely uncomfortable to read some of those stories. It’s almost unimaginable that horrific stories like these are happening IN OUR COUNTRY! 

Have you ever wondered, what happens to these kids AFTER they get recovered?

Since 2008, we’ve made it our purpose to be there for families when their daughter or son comes home after being recovered from a human trafficking situation. Through this work we’ve found that some of the youth transition back into family life fairly well and just need a little support.

But many young people need safe options and a place to go where they can get a higher level of care. As a National Leader in human trafficking healing services, it’s this exact higher level of care that we specialize in.

Here’s how you can do something right now that makes a difference.

A supporter of our program has agreed to cover the costs of these beautiful Angel Wing Key Chains making it possible us to give you a FREE keychain if you just cover shipping and handling. 

If you’ve read this far it’s proof that you are interested in helping these recovered youth and it’s clear that you care deeply about doing something that will make an actual impact on a girl’s life as she recovers from the trauma of human trafficking.

We only have a LIMITED amount of Angel Wing Keychains and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Get your Angel Wing Keychain right now and immediately know that you’re doing something today that directly impacts a girls journey to rebuild her life.