We believe God cares about people and so do we. And we believe every person has potential that can be reached through the power of a dream.

Brian D. Steele, Executive Director

At the Phoenix Dream Center, our mission is to study, practice, and advance a Christ-centered approach to Stopping Human Trafficking, Ending Childhood Hunger, and Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders. 

We have three core values that guide us in this mission: our faith in Jesus, the power of pursuing God-given Dreams, and the pursuit of living an abundant life.

We believe that every person is valuable and that everyone has the potential to achieve great things. That’s why we offer our services to everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs. Our hope is that through our work, we can help everyone reach their full potential and live a fulfilling life.

We believe that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the ultimate key to a happy and meaningful life. While we recognize that not everyone shares our beliefs, we still offer our help and support to all. Because at the Phoenix Dream Center, we care about people and we want to see everyone succeed.

We believe in Jesus

  • We fundamentally believe that a healthy, personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the ultimate answer to all of life’s troubles and the path to living an abundant life. While the services we offer are not conditional on a person’s faith, our heart and our hope is that every person would find God’s purpose and dream for their life. 


Find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it

  • We believe in finding a need and filling it, finding a hurt and healing it. We believe that God has called us to work with communities to identify needs and hurts that aren’t being met and working hard to meet those needs and heal those hurts. God cares deeply about those who’s needs are unseen or ignored. 


We don’t just meet people’s needs, we minister to their potential

  • We believe in meeting people’s needs while also ministering to their potential. It’s not enough to give people a hand-out, we need to also give them a hand-up. As we feed, house and clothe people, we also need to work to inspire them, to help them to dream big, to help them to believe in the potential that is within them to do all that God has called them to do.


The message is sacred, the method is not

  • We believe that the message is sacred but not the method and that while there is only one way to God, there are many ways to deliver the healing power and heavenly message of God’s eternal hope and love. We believe it takes many different types of methods, some at times unorthodox, to reach an ever changing, lost and dying world.


We GET to serve

  • We believe that we GET to serve. Whether we are thanked or not. Whether we are appreciated or not. Whether we are recognized for the service or not. We believe that it’s one of the greatest honors that God has given us is the privilege to GET to serve people.


If you’ll serve people no one wants, God will bring you the people everyone wants

  • We believe that if you’ll serve the people that no one else wants, that God will bring you the people that everyone else wants. God’s economy is never wanting or in lack and His ways of evaluating our heart’s intent are often measured in how we treat the “least of these” among us. We believe He honors that and then draws people of means who can fund and support the ministry.


The miracle is in the house

  • We believe that the miracle is in the house. There are no surprises to God and we believe that if He has put a certain need in our path that the miracle person to lead or the miracle offering needed is also within our network, our “house”. This includes building up our next generation of leaders and developing people who want to be world changers.


Provision follows vision

  • We believe that where there is vision given by God there will be provision to fulfill the calling. In this light it’s rare that all the details, all the money and all the resources are ready to go when the vision comes. Stepping out in faith becomes the critical deciding factor in the success of any new endeavor