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Hope Haven

Hope Haven

Hope Haven is a part of the expansion of our human trafficking recovery program designed to meet the needs of those with very high behavioral health needs.

After serving survivors of human sex trafficking for over a decade we’ve come to find that survivors coming in with high behavioral health needs are an underserved group in our community.

That is why we have created a behavioral health wing that addresses their specific needs where we can stabilize young women and men coming out of trafficking so they can begin healing and restoration.

Our new behavioral health wing follows the licensing requirements for behavioral health standards in Arizona but includes the programmatic components we’ve learned which best help survivors. An example of this includes the neurosensory modulation equipment (shown in the photos above).

This equipment coupled with the therapeutic rooms and intensive care
services helps disrupt the trauma loops happening in our residents within
the prefrontal cortex of their brain, so they can feel grounded and begin
to heal.

We would not be able to reach these young women and men if it were not for everyone who invests the time, resources, and talent in the restoration of those in our Human Trafficking Recovery Program!

Your support is allowing survivors who would otherwise have no hope, to DREAM, HOPE, & ACHIEVE!

To sponsor the 5 girls who just entered our human trafficking recovery program this week click the link below:

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