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A Hope Wing Thanksgiving!

In preparation for serving a wonderful Thanksgiving Day meal, we can all agree that starting with a clean kitchen is essential!

This is why Rooted Group volunteered with us right before Thanksgiving to deep clean our Hope Wing kitchens for the human trafficking survivors in our recovery program.

These kitchens are fully remodeled spaces where those in recovery can learn how to cook meals together and make their own Thanksgiving meal. Cooking together in a safe community is just one aspect of our family-care model.

As we began the project, we split into two groups one for the women’s kitchen and one for the men’s.

While we were cleaning the young men’s kitchen one of the volunteers had a background in construction and after about an hour of deep cleaning, it became obvious that a few missing screws holding some cupboards together were missing and a few drawer guide rails had excessive wear which needed repair.

Surpassing all expectations and truly showing their generous hearts they purchased additional cleaning products, drills, and accessories for future maintenance.

Incredibly what was purchased were enough cleaning products to last for months! One of our staff members who regularly cleans the men’s kitchen said, “It is amazing to have the help and start with a clean slate.”
For both the young women and men, everything from cupboard shelves, pots, utensils, kitchen equipment and more was degreased, sanitized, and organized leaving the kitchen sparkling.

We deeply appreciate every volunteer that serves with their specific gifts, talents, and passion.

This Thanksgiving we are not only thankful for the donors who fund the recovery programs for human trafficking survivors, but we are always thankful for the volunteers who continue to support the healing of those in our programs.

To volunteer or sponsor a survivor of human trafficking visit our main web page at www.phoenixdreamcenter.org. Also, make sure to follow us on social media today!

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