One more step...

Right now in Phoenix alone, there are hundreds of girls and young women who are healing from the abuse of human trafficking. 

And what is their greatest need?

The greatest need these girls have is for people to come alongside them and help them as they heal.

Some people teach classes or mentor the girls. But not everyone has the time to truly commit to sticking with these girls while they heal. It’s a process…for sure.

Many people have decided to try sponsoring a girl as she heals. It’s something that most people can do and it truly does help these girls and young women get the thing they need most – HEALING.

A gift of any amount helps. For example, even a $10 donation may cover the first healthy, nourishing, and loving meal that the girl has had in months…or years. That $10 may be the co-pay for the first medical appointment she has had in a long time. Or it may take care of the medicine she needs for her first prescription to heal something she has going on physically or mentally. That $10 may cover the gas and transportation costs for a young woman as she is transported from the police department to the Dream Center where she will start the healing process.

If you want to make a difference in the life of a girl or young woman who is healing, this is your chance today. 

100% of all donations go directly to help these girls. All of our overhead expenses come from business revenue and a grant from a private foundation.