A Victim Of Child Trafficking, Cat Was Recovered And Brought To The Phoenix Dream Center

If you've ever wondered exactly what the process is like for a child to get recovered out of human trafficking, this is the video for you!.

This is the real life story of a girl named “Cat” that we served in our human trafficking program at the Phoenix Dream Center.

Watch the story of a 14 year old get recovered and brought to the Phoenix Dream Center.

Cat was abducted and trafficked by men she met online..

“I didn’t even know what sex trafficking was before I was taken,” she says in the FRONTLINE documentary Sex Trafficking in America. “I didn’t know that I would end up in this situation that I ended up in.”

Jezza Neumann and Lauren Mucciolo — the director and producer behind the film — found that, like Cat, many people were unaware of the American woman and girls being sexually exploited within the U.S.

“Most people thought it was an international thing,” Neumann said.

To capture that hidden reality, Neumann and Mucciolo followed a police unit in Phoenix, Arizona, combatting child sexual exploitation over the course of two and a half years. 

They talked to FRONTLINE about how they found the story, and what impact they hope the documentary has.