We've all seen stories like these, right? But, how is this even possible? And, what happens next? Where do the girls (and boys) go?

Do they ever recover?

According to a recent U.S. State Department Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report, the number of human trafficking victims rescued and traffickers prosecuted had nearly doubled.

The report, conducted by the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons at the U.S. Department of State, found that nearly 78,000 victims were identified in just one year.

Where did the traffickers get these kids?

One of the most comprehensive studies on the subject is the Arizona State University “Six-Year Analysis of Sex Traffickers of Minors”.

In this report, which detailed the cases of 1,804 Children who had been trafficked, the following picture was painted of who these American children are who had been trafficked.

  • The range in age of the children recovered was between 4 years old and 17 years old with the average age being 15 years old.
  • The children spent an average of 154 days in severe trauma and abuse at the hands of their traffickers.
  • The analysis found that 78% of the children had homes and parents that they could go home to.
  • The other 22% were children who were taken from group homes or were taken advantage of while they were homeless.

For over 1,500 children and young adults who have been recovered from human trafficking, the answer to where they went after being recovered was the same.

They went to one of the Phoenix Dream Center’s Human Trafficking Programs.

A number of the girls were from right here in Phoenix but many of them were from cities all across the United States.

There aren’t too many places that offer specialty healing programs for survivors of human trafficking so we take in girls from all over.

It’s never been too important to us where the girls come from. We’re mainly focused on getting them the best care and healing that we can give them.

When we found this teen girl out on the streets she had nowhere to turn.

Every day we get a call that a human trafficking victim needs our help.

Every, day.

Sometimes the call is from a police officer, or one of our other partners in law enforcement.

Sometimes it’s from a parent, those are very emotional calls to take.

But usually it’s directly from the girls. Girls who are calling us for the first time are usually scared when they call us.

You can imagine their fears, right? “What if my trafficker catches me trying to get out?” “What if he comes after my family?” “What if no one believes me or will help me?” “What if I get in trouble for some of the things my trafficker made me do?” These are some of their fears.

It’s a big step for them to call and we know that it’s also a RARE step.

The Global Report of Trafficking of Persons said that less than 1% of victims are recovered.

So, yes, we take these calls very seriously!

Let’s focus on the girl that RECENTLY CALLED.

She was at a bus stop in downtown Phoenix.

She said she’s “on the run” from her trafficker but we usually don’t get all the details. We knew her trafficker had been forcing her to do horrible things for the past year or so. But we also knew that, somehow, she got away.

Some of our security staff got loaded up and got a van ready to go get her.

Then she was brought to the Phoenix Dream Center. She came into one of our “Dream Rooms” here that have been specifically designed to help these young women.

Here’s our harsh reality, the human trafficking program at the Phoenix Dream Center is full.

That’s a great thing for the girls who are in the program. But that’s a hard thing for the girls on the other end of our hotline looking for help.

We have a couple of rooms we are trying to get ready so we can say “yes” to four of these phone call from girls needing our help.

Over the course of 1 year, these rooms will help between 8 and 12 new girls get recovered out of human trafficking.

Can you help us with this?

Please, if you’re able to give a gift of any amount we will use it for the rooms that will be taking in the next four girls who come into the program.

Click here to make a donation today to help the next four girls get in.

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Please, give what you can knowing that 100% of it will go toward bringing in the next four girls who call.

Thank you for taking the time to read (and maybe share) this page.

We can’t tell you how encouraged our whole team is to know that people like you are reading this and care!

Thank you!

You can help more girls get recovered from human trafficking.

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