Build A Room For A Survivor​

Hi friend, Michelle Tipton here from the Phoenix Dream Center!

Thanks so much for tuning in to hear me talk on KFNX. 

Here at the Phoenix Dream Center, we’re on a mission to reach as many survivors of human trafficking as we can. 

That’s where we need your help! 

Please consider how you can help recover girls and young women out of human trafficking.

The project below is the best way you can make an immediate impact NOW. 

Thank you again so much!

– Michelle Tipton

Sponsor A Room For A Survivor Here

What Girls Who've Completed Our Program Are Saying

“This guy trafficked me starting at 16 years old. When the police finally got me out I needed to come to a place like the Dream Center to get better.  They’ve given me so many amazing opportunities and resources. You won’t find any other places likes this…I mean this place like saved my life.”


“I ran away from home at 17 and an older man took me into his house. It turned bad and he started locking me in the bathroom and telling me when I could eat. The SWAT team raided his house and brought me to the Dream Center. I made a lot of friends at the Dream Center and I got my high school diploma. First thing I ever accomplished.” 


“At the age of 14 they put me out on the streets day and night. I would bring the money back to them. I got beat, I got raped, it was terrible. When I got away a school councilor called the Dream Center and they took me in the same day. I was pregnant and they helped me and my baby have a life.”


Phoenix Dream Center Human Trafficking Program Overview

Survivors who've been abused by traffickers need a safe place to go so they can heal from the abuse

There are very few places that offer the specialized care that these survivors need.

But right now, several apartments are being remodeled in Phoenix – it’s the largest human trafficking expansion project in North America.

Due to the increased need for beds for survivors of human trafficking, the Nations largest Human Trafficking Recovery Center (The Phoenix Dream Center) is building more beds to house even more victims. 

Funding raised on this page will go toward opening 40 more beds for survivors including; light remodel, bedding, intake costs, and operating the rooms.

You can help prepare a room that will help 40 more survivors of human trafficking have a safe and secure place to heal. 

What Survivors Feel When They Come To The Phoenix Dream Center

A survivor shares her heart about what it was like to be recovered and brought to the Phoenix Dream Center.

Other Rooms That Have Been Completed

These rooms were sponsored by other people like you who care about helping human trafficking survivors. 

Your support of this project will open up 40 more beds for survivors of human trafficking so they can have a safe and beautiful space to heal in. 

Your donations to the human trafficking expansion project will be designated to building out several more rooms that will provide 40 more beds to human trafficking survivors.

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100% of your donation goes directly to serving the people in our recovery programs. Our administrative overhead costs are all covered by business revenue and a private foundation grant.

And, here’s some more good news – your donation is eligible for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit and you can get $800 in state tax credits for couples filing jointly and singles can get up to $400 in AZ Charitable Tax Credits.