Join a Mentor Team to Help Human Trafficking Survivors Thrive!

We are asked so often “What can I/we do to help and support the Dream Center?” Well, as you can imagine, we have different ways for people to donate goods and monetary gifts, but for those who truly have a heart to serve, live and in person, this is perfect!

JoAnna Shipe Mentor Teams Coordinator

What Are Mentor Teams?

Think back on the amazing knowledge and experience based advice YOU received from those who surrounded you in your journey and how that impacted your decisions and the choices you made along the way.

Now, erase it all. Wow! 

It’s a sparse and often vacant lot in so many areas of your life, isn’t it? 

Imagine growing up without the guidance of loving parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, coaches, teachers, etc. 

Well, for our Residents, THAT is the where the Mentor Team steps in to plant the seeds of information, guidance and empowerment.

The goal of the 9 person Mentor Team is to surround their Resident in love, prayer, support and guidance in all areas of their life.

The Mentor Team will walk alongside their Resident and offer options, ideas, solutions and loving encouragement from where the Resident is presently in their healing journey until 1 year post graduation.

How it works…

  • Mentor Team members will undergo an application process, background check and will be assigned to a team (unless they are a Team Leader and have formed their own team).
  • Phoenix Dream Center human trafficking recovery program Residents will be eligible to have a Mentor Team about 4 months into their healing journey. 
  • Each Mentor Team will start with one Resident with whom they will meet 2 x a month for the first 3 months at a group-chosen day/time/location. (Mentor Teams will eventually  be allowed up to 3 Residents)
  • The Resident will fill out an extensive survey to be shared with their Mentor Team prior to the first meeting, so everyone is aware of their goals, needs and services required.
  • Meetings will be monitored by the Mentor Team Coordinator, JoAnna Shipe, to answer questions and concerns in the first month.
  • The Mentor Team Leader will email JoAnna an after meeting report within 24 hours with a recap of the discussion that took place and what support the Mentor Team is needing at that time.
  • Using the “point” system that has been recently put into place, the Resident will have the opportunity to accrue 5,000 points during their program. 
  • After they graduate, that will be converted into a dollar amount which will be utilized by the Mentor Team to support the Resident with post-graduation expenses.
  • Mentor Teams will meet with the Resident up to one year post graduation or more as they choose to do so moving forward.

WHO is the Best Candidate to Serve on a Mentor Team?

Here’s the best part!  The team members do NOT have to have a lot of expertise in their “area” on the team and there will be a lot of overlap between areas of responsibility.  

Think of this as a family type setting where questions, ideas and goals are presented and then discussed with the Resident as the focal point.  

We will be here to answer questions and give guidance to the team members but they are not to do the research, find the answers, etc., they are to equip the Resident to problem-solve and navigate the waters of adulating with 9 people pulling for them!

How to Join a Mentor Team

Fill Out The Mentor Team Inquiry Form Below

Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with the next steps. We’ll also be available to answer any questions you may have about the mentoring commitment. We know that mentoring is a serious commitment and we want to get you all the information you need to make the commitment. 

Attend A Mentor Team Orientation And Training Event

We take the safety and security of the survivors we serve seriously, and we know you’ll appreciate that. With that commitment come some background checks and training events that you’ll need to attend. We’ll send you all the information you need to attend these events. 

Get Paired Up With A Team To Start Mentoring A Survivor

At this step in the process, we’ll be ready to link you up with your other mentor team members and start the process of introducing you to the survivor you’ll be working with. We work hard to make sure that every mentor team is the best fit for each survivor we serve. 

Get More Information About Mentor Teams