Position Summary

Human Trafficking Recovery Program Director

The Human Trafficking Recovery Program Director position at the Phoenix Dream Center is an opportunity to use your behavioral health, social services, management, and leadership skills to make real-world change in the lives of survivors of human trafficking. 

This position is responsible to direct the Human Trafficking Recovery Program of the Phoenix Dream Center. 

Every year, nearly 200 girls and young women are set free from human trafficking due to this life recovery program. Hundreds more are reached through the community outreach efforts that meet these girls and young women in their point of need in the community. 

This job changes lives and makes the world a little bit better, every day. 

Level In Organization

Executive Level, Core Executive Team Member

Compensation Range

$60K to $80K plus Benefits, plus Vacation

Areas of Focus

Behavioral Health, Leadership, Human Trafficking

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Direct the human trafficking recovery program’s departments including the evaluation, management, and leading of the Behavioral Health Department, 30-Day Department, Residential Department, Medical Department, and the Outreach Department. This will include providing leadership to the 5 key management personnel of the Human Trafficking Recovery Program including the Behavioral Health Department Manager, 30-Day Department Manager, Residential Department Manager, Medical Services Manager, and the Outreach Department Manager. 
  • Ensure that all program activities operate as permitted or licensed, consistently and ethically, and within the mission and values of the Phoenix Dream Center and social services industry standards. This will include ensuring that all client rights are known and upheld by staff and clients and that clients are treated with utmost integrity and respect in a victim-centric, trauma-informed manner by all program team representatives of our agency.
  • Ensure that the program conforms to trauma-informed principles in all of its programmatic processes. This will include ensuring that volunteers and staff are adequately trained in trauma-informed practices. 
  • Work with the CFO to prepare and submit an annual human trafficking program department budget to the CEO for review and approval. This will include managing the program team effectively within this budget, and reporting accurately on progress made and challenges encountered.
  • Deploy program resources efficiently and effectively toward organizational goals, work with staff to balance workload and effort, and provide regular feedback so that key staff can continuously improve their skills.
  • Work with the CEO to establish the annual program, departmental, client / program outcomes, and staff goals and objectives and track results against these goals as well as accountability protocols including support of the annual quality assurance inspections and audits performed by the Continuous Improvement Department. This will include deepening the existing and creating new performance and outcome measures for client-oriented outreach and recruitment, completion rates, employment, retention, college, training, enrollment, completion, and other measures that are core to the Phoenix Dream Center’s mission.
  • Ensure that all resident rights, accreditation, and licensure expectations are met including meeting with inspections, contracts, and insurance personnel. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned and as are beneficial to the success of the program

Key Skills and Qualifications:

  • Minimum of 5 years of leading a similar human trafficking program
  • Expert knowledge of human trafficking recovery processes
  • Proficient in building trauma-informed teams and systems
  • Leadership skills that inspire ownership for results
  • Strong interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills
  • Strong relationship building expertise

Results Expectations:

  • Recruit, hire, train, manage and lead the human recovery program management team
  • Ensure agency quality assurance metrics are measured, tracked, and met for successful program outputs and outcomes
  • Ensure year-one success rates are measured, tracked, and met for clients who successfully complete the program
  • Ensure the program occupancy rates are at or exceed the agency standards for program occupancy


This position reports to the CEO of the Phoenix Dream Center, Brian D. Steele. He is the co-founder of the human trafficking recovery program. Brian and his wife Skye Steele, have been building and running human trafficking recovery programs for nearly 20 years and have helped over 3,000 children and 2,000 young adults recover from human trafficking. 

Job Type: 



$60,000.00 – $80,000.00 per year


  • Dental insurance
  • Flexible schedule
  • Health insurance
  • Health savings account
  • Paid time off


  • Monday to Friday
  • Some Weekends 
  • Masters Degree in Social Work or Certifications (and/or)
  • Psychology Degree or Certifications with a Trauma Focus (and/or)
  • Successful and Equivalent Workforce Experience

You’ll know this job is for you if you are an executive-level professional who is a self-starter, with a passion for serving in a fast paced, social services ministry environment.

You will excel at this job if you have a track record of success in providing executive-level management services for similar non-profits or government organizations in the community.

You will love this challenging position if you are exceptionally skilled at program development and management, communications, and have the ability to work across a broad range of departments in order to achieve the goals of the agency.

Finally, you’ll thrive in this position if you excel in a volunteer-driven, fast-paced, rapidly changing environment that strives for excellence in delivering world-class human trafficking recovery services.