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Jane's Dream to Become a Cosmetologist 

Jane, one of our residents in our Human Trafficking Recovery Program has come so far in the year she has been at the Phoenix Dream Center.

After receiving the comprehensive therapeutic services we provide free of charge, our staff worked with Jane to find out what she dreamed of doing. A huge part of the healing process for those in our program is learning how to even dream.

The average age a girl is sex trafficked in Arizona is just 14 years old according to the Arizona Attorney General Office. When a girl arrives at the Phoenix Dream Center there has usually been many years of trauma.

Most have never had families encouraging them to follow their dreams. Some have not even had loved one’s asking them if they had a dream to follow.

That’s why we have a family-care model within our staff. Our staff gets to be the ones asking a resident for the first time, what they dream of doing. Not only that, but we get to help them actually achieve their dreams! 

Jane’s dream was to be a cosmetologist. After helping her get her GED we connected her with an upscale salon in Scottsdale, Arizona. This salon is training her as she learns cosmetology and will provide a high-paying position after finishing her training.

“Being at the Phoenix Dream Center has been such a blessing. Every day here, even the bad days, are still my best day by a thousand times. The materialistic world has no comparison to what my life has become. My life is better because I know that there’s peace, I know that there’s life in me, and I have passion.” – Jane, Hope Wing Resident

Jane’s rescue and recovery is why we do what we do. It’s why we fight against human trafficking and support survivors who are rescued. Thank you to everyone who makes Jane’s healing and recovery possible. Whether you’ve given your time, talent, or resources it takes a community to heal just one.

If you would like to support the healing of a girl who just entered our human trafficking recovery program visit:

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