Send A Note To Encourage A Girl

You can send a note to a girl recovering from human trafficking here. 

Here’s what’s going to happen when you write your note:

We’ll get your note right away and think about which girl it will fit best with.

Then we’ll print your note, put it in a nice envelope with a hand drawn heart on it, and then we’ll put your note in the mailbox of one of the girls.

The girls are SO excited to get mail so we know they’ll rip open the envelope right away.

Their eyes usually dart back and forth reading every encouraging word.

Some girls cry, in appreciation of course.

Some smile so big you’d think it would stick on their face all day.

Some will share it with the other girls and “brag” about the note they got.

Some will hang the note up next to their mirror in their bedroom and look at it every morning.

But every note is GREATLY appreciated!