After His Foster Parents Died, Ian Was Moved Through Over 30 Foster Care Homes In His Teen Years

My name is Ian Palmerton and my earliest experiences in life was understanding that I was being moved from Moscow, Russia to the United States of America, Wake Forest, North Carolina.

My first family was an older couple.  They were well-off, I should say.  They cared a lot about bringing new hope into somebody, but that hope quickly dwindled. 

It was a wonderful experience for me to start a new life in a new country and a new world. 

Unfortunately, there were some issues and it had crippled me to a point where I couldn’t trust anybody, and I couldn’t love anymore.  I couldn’t understand what was going on in life because I was so clouded with hate, anger, and so many other emotions.  It disturbed my life and it disturbed so many other people’s lives as well.

My journey through life was very difficult, I have had to find what’s right, and what’s wrong; the right people to hang out with, and the wrong people to hang out with.  It was very difficult for me because I had so many options brought forward to me.

My journey to the Phoenix Dream Center was my major, major option.  It was whether I stay here on one side of the fence, or cross the road and go to a new journey. 

It’s just as simple as that.  Crossing the tracks was my choice.  I had a tough situation when I came to the Dream Center.  I was going from house to house to house to house and I couldn’t find the right fit for me so what I did then was I asked a favor from a friend and they helped me out with a life choice that I will never forget. 

It took a walk through the doors of the Phoenix Dream Center to understand the true power of God and what He can do in my life. 

It was just awesome because I saw my life changing in front of me, even if at the time that it was changing I didn’t realize it. 

Many, many, many people now tell me that I’m a new person; I’m a new creation.  I am able to do new things in life. 

It was a hard road, it was a hard way of life, but I took that one step to complete my job in life, help myself, and understand what the power of Christ, the Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit can do for me. 

It was just awesome, it was uplifting.  I had so much joy in me.  Many people said I couldn’t do it.  Many people said I was never amount to what I was supposed to be, but look at me now. 

I am standing here in the open air, living life to the fullest, breathing the sweet air of the United States of America, a free country, free will of choice to go with my dream and love others the way that they have never seen before, the  way I was wishing to be loved and to loving not just them but loving life and living life to the fullest.