We're on a mission to stop human trafficking, fight drug addiction and end childhood hunger.

Brian D. Steele, Executive Director

Founded In 2002

Our nonprofit (City Help Inc of Phoenix dba Phoenix Dream Center) was founded in 2002 as a Christ Centered Outreach Ministry.

We’re on a mission to stop human trafficking, fight drug addiction and end childhood hunger. We do this through residential life recovery programs and community engagement outreach services. 

Christ Centered

We fundamentally believe that a healthy, personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the ultimate answer to all of life’s troubles and the path to living an abundant life. 

While the services we offer are not conditional on a person’s faith, our heart and our hope is that every person would find God’s purpose and dream for their life. 

$3.1M Annual Budget

We are a primarily volunteer driven nonprofit organization funded by individual financial and in-kind donations.  100% of all financial donations from individuals goes direct to program services. 

Our administrative and overhead costs are covered by business revenue and a private foundation grant. 

The Dream Center Network was founded by Tommy Barnett in 1994 with the first Dream Center in Los Angeles.

We had one single mission – to Find A Need And Fill It, To Find A Hurt And Heal It.

Since 1994, the Dream Center Network has been finding needs and filling them all over the world with over 300 Dream Centers healing hurts in communities around the globe.

In 2002 we began to Dream Big for the people of Phoenix and we started to build the Phoenix Dream Center.

We started with community based outreach dedicated to ending childhood hunger among at-risk youth and homeless families. We started with just a few bags of groceries each week, and today deliver over 14,000 meals each week to help end childhood hunger.

This led to our recognizing the terrible role that addiction plays among many struggling individuals and the homeless. Our fight against drug addiction led to us building life recovery programs for people who were struggling with addiction. Today, our life recovery program helps over 1,000 individuals each year as they build a meaningful and sober life through their Christian faith.

Through this work we became aware of the terrible tragedy of sex trafficking happening right here in Phoenix. Working closely with law enforcement and the faith community we began to do everything we could to stop human trafficking. This work led us to build what today is the nations largest human trafficking recovery program for young adults which helps over 100 survivors each year with full service residential behavioral health care each year.

We found through this work that many trafficking survivors came out of the foster care system. We began to build programs in residential homes to help foster care age-out youth and we began to work with families to prevent children from needing to be removed from homes. This work became one of the largest residential and case management efforts in the state serving over 1,000 families, individuals and children in the foster care system each year.

The work of the Phoenix Dream Center is financially supported primarily by individual donors from our community. In 2018 we achieved the milestone of ensuring that 100% of all individual financial donations goes direct to programs and none of it goes to administrative overhead. We’re so thankful to the private foundation and to the business community who helped us build our Social Enterprises Programs that enabled us to do that.

The only thing we are missing now, is you!

Every time a donor gives a gift, more People get the help they need.

Every time a volunteer completes a project, the Dream expands.

Every time a supporter gives some supplies, the Vision continues.

Let’s do this together – let’s Find Needs and Fill Them, Find Hurts And Heal Them.


If you’d like a copy of our most recent Agency Report please let us know!