Find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it.

Tommy Barnett Dream Center Founder

Founded In 2002

Our nonprofit (City Help Inc of Phoenix dba Phoenix Dream Center) was founded in 2002 as a Christ Centered Outreach Ministry.

We’re on a mission to end human trafficking, fight drug addiction and stop childhood hunger. We do this through residential life recovery programs and community engagement outreach services. 

Christ Centered

We fundamentally believe that a healthy, personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the ultimate answer to all of life’s troubles and the path to living an abundant life. 

While the services we offer are not conditional on a person’s faith, our heart and our hope is that every person would find God’s purpose and dream for their life. 

$3.1M Annual Budget

We are a primarily volunteer driven nonprofit organization funded by individual financial and in-kind donations.  100% of all financial donations from individuals goes direct to program services. 

Our administrative and overhead costs are covered by business revenue and a private foundation grant. 

The Dream Center Network was founded by Tommy Barnett in 1994 with the first Dream Center in Los Angeles. Since then the Dream Center Network has enjoyed a prolific history of expanding throughout the world with over 300 Dream Centers world wide. In 2006 we came together as a small group of dreamers to embark on a mission to establish a Dream Center in Phoenix. We had in our hearts this one goal, “To find a need and fill it, to find a hurt and heal it”.

We gathered together on a bus and toured around the city looking for different properties. Eventually we came upon an old 4-story Embassy Suites Hotel that was for sale and we knew that this was the place to start our dream. Through a series of capital campaigns, mostly from the faith community, $4.7MM in support was raised which paid the building completely off within the first year.

We then began with community based outreach services, providing daily feedings to the homeless and at risk youth in the community. These outreaches soon led to the need to provide housing services with sobriety, life recovery and medical services soon to follow. Beginning initially with housing 60 people and outreach services reaching 500 in the streets with food, we were able to grow the model to eventually provide housing to over 450 each night and reaching 36,000 in the community each month with critical food and hospitality based services.


If you’d like a copy of our most recent Agency Report please let us know!