Find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it.

This Place is Different

Stephen is no stranger to life recovery programs.

He’d been through several different kinds of 12-step programs and 30-day programs, but none had transformed his life….

Until he came to the Phoenix Dream Center.

Recently married, Stephen and his wife have a one-year-old daughter together. “My ultimate goal is to get it right so I can be back with my family. I’ve made some bad decisions, but my daughter is young… I know there’s hope.”

“This place is different than the other ones I’ve been to,” he tells me. “Here I’m given the chance to be a leader. It gives me the feeling that I do have worth, even though I’m not perfect.”

As a lead RA, Stephen helps direct the schedules for the 150 other men in the Life Recovery Program. He also provides them with spiritual and emotional support when they need it. While this means long hours (waking up at 3AM and oftentimes not getting to bed until well after 10PM), it’s this very role that has allowed him to blossom.

His wife is supportive of Stephen: “It’s six months of our lives… that seems like a long time now, but I believe in our family. I believe that Stephen can be the father and husband he’s meant to be. I love him, and I’ve seen a change in him here that I’ve never seen before.”

It’s beautiful to meet and talk to families like Stephen’s. 

The Phoenix Dream Center restores hundreds of lives every year… and not just individuals, but whole families.

Continue to pray for us as we expand and grow to find needs to fill and hurts to heal.

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