We're sorry it's come to this, but here's the truth about several news stories we've had calls and emails about in recent days.

Due to the high volume and bullying nature of the phone calls and emails we’ve received lately and the high degree of inaccuracy cited in the calls and emails, we’ve felt the need to do a true false session on this page.

As there are more inaccurate news stories unfolding, be sure to check back and we’ll do the best we can to get the truth out there. 

True or False?

The Phoenix Dream Center recently hosted a student rally at which President Trump was the speaker?

False – The Phoenix Dream Center did not and does not host political rally’s of any kind on it’s campus nor do we endorse or promote any political party or figure. We have however given tours, information, supported task forces and done other community based work with public officials in order to better help the people we are working hard to serve. 


The Phoenix Dream Center claims to use ionization technology on it’s campus that it falsely claims kills COIVD-19? 

False – The Phoenix Dream Center does not use this technology on it’s campus and never claimed to do so. We do however use every available form of guidance from medical professionals, personal protective equipment, hand washing, social distancing and sanitation in our work to keep people safe from COVID-19 and a host of other infections and communicable diseases. 


The Phoenix Dream Center has COVID-19 cases in it’s shelters that are traced back to a church in the valley who uses ionization technology

False – The Phoenix Dream Center has no knowledge or link between the ionization technology and COVID-19 cases that exist between human trafficking survivors that we’ve decided to serve “without discrimination to their medical status”.